5 Reasons to Host a Virtual Event

The start of a new decade brought with it a global pandemic and a new way of living and working. Lockdowns implemented, events cancelled and offices closed. Companies were moving online and finding alternative ways to conduct business. With restrictions in place and the new norm of working from home, virtual events have never been more relevant.

Here are five reasons to host a virtual event:

1. Virtual events allow you to track real-time ROI

Technology is at the centre of all virtual events and it captures extensive data and actionable analysis. With the right software, minute data is readily available throughout the entire event process from online registrations, attendance tracking, in-event activities to post-event feedback. Click-throughs, downloads, shares, connections etc. provide insights on engagement and can be used to track real-time ROI.

2. VIRTUAL EVENTS can reach a larger audience

Face-to-face events are confined to geographical and time barriers however these barriers are drastically reduced with virtual events. This will greatly increase the likelihood of attendance as there is less time commitment required. Virtual events are easily scalable and can cater for a more diverse audience particularly, with captioning and language interpretation software

3. VIRTUAL EVENT Content will live on past the event

In-person events take place in real-time whilst virtual events extend beyond the event itself. Moving online allows event footage to be conveniently recorded and made available on-demand for attendees to watch at a time that suits them. Event content created can be reused to replicate events for other groups or used in future marketing. Any feedback captured from social media can easily be saved and also be used to market future events.

4. Virtual events are cost-effective

Possibly the key benefits of holding a virtual event is that they cost less to produce and are much easier to replicate than in-person events. Moving online removes the costs of accommodation, travel, venue, food and beverage creating massive savings. Additional budget can be redirected to other event elements such as speakers, pre-event gifts or pre and post-event marketing.

5. VIRTUAL EVENTS are environmentally sustainable

Virtual events allow attendees and speakers to attend events without leaving their homes, considerably reducing the emissions that would otherwise have been produced due to their travels. Hosting an event online will also produce less waste particularly on food and beverage and rubbish produced while setting up, during and after the even.

The world of virtual events is limitless and our virtual event offerings allow companies to stay physically distanced while remaining socially connected. Download our Virtual Events Information Pack to see the various ways to engage, motivate and connect you’re your teams and customers while they are working from home or remotely around the world.

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